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May 2, 2016

5:30 pm Board Workshop

Human Resources – Karen Sande

  • President Bev Horan opened the Board Workshop at 5:30pm with all Board Directors present.  Karen Sande, Director of Human Resources, gave an overview of the Human Resources Department which includes Personnel, Payroll, Benefits, Substitutes, Compliance, Data Management, Employee Relations, and more.  Discussion followed.

Business and Operations – Brian Lewis

  • Brian Lewis, Director of Business Operations gave an overview of the Business and Operations Department, which includes Maintenance and Custodial, Transportation and the Business Office.  Discussion followed.

President Horan closed the Board Workshop at 6:22pm, calling for a short recess with the Regular Meeting to commence at 6:30pm.

6:30pm Regular Board Meeting


President Horan called the Regular Meeting to order at 6:32pm with all Board Members and Student Board Representatives present, with the exception of Student Board Representative Benjamin Hughes, who was excused.  The Pledge of Allegiance was conducted.


Beverly Horan, President                                                   Vienna Barron, Bus Driver

Robin Henrikson, Vice-President                                        George Stuber, Bus Driver

James Stoffer, Director                                                        William Seabolt, Sequim High School

Heather Short, Director                                                        Seymur Aliyev, Visitor

Michael Howe, Director                                                        Tom Kelly, Transportation

Kaylee Gumm, Student Board Representative                    Patsene Dashiell, District Office

                                                                                              Dee Nielsen, OPA/Destination Imagination

Dr. Ann Renker, Assistant Superintendent                            Doug DeIvernois

Marilyn Walsh, Secretary                                                       Linda DeIvernois

                                                                                                Asma Weber

                                                                                                Jodi Olson

                                                                                                Taylor Olson

                                                                                                Megan Black

                                                                                                Jim Peck       

                                                                                                Jack Walsh

                                                                                                 Trayce Norman


Director Stoffer moved to approve the minutes from the April18, 2016 Regular Board Meeting as presented.  Director Henrikson seconded.  Vote taken; motion carried.


Director Henrikson moved to approve the agenda as printed.  Director Short seconded.  Vote taken; motion carried.


  • Deb Beckett, Science Fair Advisor, introduced students Alliyah Weber, Vita Olson, Richard Meier, Reagan Howe, Zachary Baird, Sean Weber, Paola Villegas, Jace Francis-Wallace, Nicholas Howe, Isabelle MacMurchie and Nicholas Charters who recently participated in the Washington State Science & Engineering Fair in Bremerton, Washington.
  • At 6:37 President Horan called for a 15 minute recess in order for the board and audience to view the students’ displays.
  • At 6:52 President Horan called the Regular Meeting back into session.
  • Student Board Representative Kaylee Price reported that Kindergarten Registration begins tonight at both Greywolf Elementary and at Helen Haller Elementary while both school are working to get through their state testing.  Helen Haller Elementary is celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week with treats for the staff.  Last Friday Greywolf Elementary had Student Recognition Assemblies and handed out over 1500 certificates to students for academics and good behavior.  Olympic Peninsula Academy had its first ever Spring Bazaar last Saturday where there were different venders, a silent auction, and different musical performances, plus the Destination Imagination Team performed their skit that they will be taking to the Global competition in Tennessee.
  • As Student Board Representative Ben Hughes was absent, Student Board Representative Gumm reported that there is AP testing this week and next at Sequim High School, so students are cramming. The 50th Operetta opens this weekend, performing Cinderella, which is a very big deal. This past weekend, a number of high school band and choir students go to state at Central Washington University. The Irrigation Festival parade is the 14th so the high school band has been practicing marching.  They will be going to Lilac Festival on the 21st in Spokane to march in the night-time parade. Staff appreciation is this week so the high school leadership team is making them breakfast and washing their cars. High school executive elections were last week and class elections are next Monday.  Sequim Middle School had their first track meet at Forks last week. Our athletes performed marvelously winning the meet.  Middle school staff members were learning about the reward system for the positive behavior intervention & support systems during the Professional Development Monday. They are very excited to start the process for students and staff.  Much thanks and appreciation to all the teachers at Sequim Middle School and the entire district, as they make a difference for our students every day.  Discussion followed.

PUBLIC COMMENTS - This time is set aside for receiving both written and oral communication from those in attendance who wish to speak on any item.  The board thanks you for your comments and will take into consideration what you have shared when making decisions regarding this topic.  (Ref. Policy 4220 and 4220P).

  • Vienna Barron, school bus driver, voiced some safety concerns she has regarding student safety in the stadium parking lot, with students crossing Carlsborg Road and students standing too close to the busses as they are pulling in and/or pulling out.
  • Sonja Bittner, School District Nurse, thanked President Horan and Director Stoffer for attending the “Ready, Set Go 5210! Community Health Kick Off on April 23.  Discussion followed.


  • Director Stoffer introduced Special Guest Mr. Seymur Aliyev. The City of Sequim is hosting Mr. Seymur Aliyev through the American Councils, a nonprofit that works with the US State Department.   Mr. Aliyev is a Division Head of the National Civil Service Commission in Azerbaijan and will be here from 4/29 through 5/27.  He will be staying with different host families.  His first home stay is with Director Jim Stoffer and his wife Diana.  President Horan presented Mr. Aliyev with a Sequim School District Ambassador pin in honor of his visit.
  • Vice-President Henrikson was interested in new legislation offering guidance on professional learning and what it means to be a teacher.  Discussion followed.
  • Director Stoffer spoke with Representative Tharinger who congratulated Sequim on being one of only five districts receiving state funding providing for four modular classrooms.  Discussion followed. 
  • The work of the Legislative Special Task Force working on the McCleary decision will be broadcast on TVW for anyone who is interested.  Any increase in funding due to McCleary will only benefit school programs and operations; individual communities will still be responsible for constructing buildings.  Please contact Director Stoffer for more information.
  • As Legislative Representative Director Stoffer would appreciate any input from board members regarding legislative proposals for 2016-2017, which are due to be submitted on May 16.  Discussion followed.
  • Director Howe commended the state science fair participants for the amount of work put into their projects and expressed his desire that recognition be given by awarding credit and/or a letter for those efforts.  
  • Director Howe raised questions regarding the district testing for lead in the water following the news that some other districts had uncovered some possible problems.  Discussion followed.
  • President Horan was very impressed with the Washington State School Directors Association Regional Meeting that was held on April 23 in Port Townsend, and with the professionalism and plethora of resources available through our local Olympic Educational Service District 114 lead by Superintendent Greg Lynch.  Discussion followed. 

CONSENT AGENDA – REQUEST BOARD APPROVAL: Any item may be moved to New Business with a motion from any Board member.

a.   General Fund Vouchers No. 185887 thru No. 185893 in the total amount of $14,304.36; and No. 185894 thru No. 185896 in the total amount of $714.87; and No. 185897 thru No. 185903 in the total amount of $14,304.36; and No. 185904 thru No. 185965 in the total amount to $86,378.39.

b.   ASB Fund Vouchers No. 10463 thru No. 10480 in the total amount of $29,928.82.
c.   TVF Fund Vouchers No. 242 thru No. 242 in the total amount of $356,087.66.

d.   Payroll for the month of April, 2016 in the total amount of $2,071,889.95.

e.   Personnel - Employment with the District will be conditional upon the district’s receipt of a criminal conviction history record that is clear of any convictions, adjudications, protective orders, final decisions, or criminal charges in accordance with Washington State law and conditional upon receipt of a sexual Misconduct Disclosure Form from prior Washington State employer(s), where employment was in a school setting, indicating that no sexual, verbal or physical misconduct materials were found in the records of such employer(s) pursuant to RCW 28A.400 and WAC 180-87-080.

1)    Accept Letter of Resignation from Erica Quesnel, Speech Language Pathologist, at the end of the 2015-2016 school year, as presented.

2)    Accept Letter of Resignation from Robert Bumgarner, Bus Driver, effective at the end of the 2015-2016 school year, as presented.

3)    Accept Letter of Resignation from Brian O’Hara, High School History teacher, effective June 30th, 2016, for the purpose of retirement, as presented.

4)    Offer Classified Bus Aide position to Michelle Haman, for the 2016-2017 school year, effective April 25, 2016 as presented.

f.    Approve Contract for Services between Sequim School District and Construction for Services Group, to provide professional services, materials and equipment required to support the installation of HVAC equipment and related controls, paid for from Educational Programs and Operations levy funds, as presented.

g.   Accept Cash Donation from the Sequim High School Band Boosters in the amount of $8,862.75 for the purpose of purchasing a Wells Cargo trailer for use by the High School Band to transport instruments and other band equipment to competitions and events, as presented.

Director Stoffer moved to approve the Consent Agenda, Items ‘a’ thru ‘g’ as presented.  Director Henrikson seconded.  Discussion followed.  Vote taken; motion carried.


a.  Director Henrikson moved to approve at Second Reading and Adopt Policy #6700 – Nutrition and Physical Fitness with NEW School Wellness Program.  Director Short seconded.  Discussion followed.  The new language includes the requirement to protect the identity of students eligible for free and reduced-price meals in accordance with USDA guidelines. In addition, the update includes new language regarding test day meals provided to students regardless of their Free or Reduced-Price Meal eligibility and defining conflicts of interest for purposes of food service procurement. On the physical education front, the policy now references and defines a health and physical education curriculum aligned with the Washington State K-12 Health and Fitness Learning Standards. The curriculum must provide all students equal opportunity to participate in physical education classes and emphasizes that special education students will be provided appropriate services to achieve this.  Classified Essential.  President Horan recognized community partner Bertha Cooper and district nurse Sonja Bitter and their wellness committee for the work they did on this policy and the School Wellness Program.  Vote taken; motion carried.


a.   Director Howe move to approve Overnight and Out of State travel for the Olympic Peninsula Academy’s Destination Imagination team to compete at the Global Finals 2016 in Knoxville, Tennessee May 24, 2016 through May 30, 2016 as presented.  Director Stoffer seconded.  Discussion followed.  Vote taken; motion carried.

b.   Director Stoffer moved to approve Overnight and Out-of-State travel for the Sequim High School Marching Band to participate in the Lilac Parade competition in Spokane, Washington and Athols, Idaho on May 20-22, 2016 as presented.  Director Henrikson seconded.  Discussion followed.  Vote taken; motion carried.

c.   Director Henrikson moved to approve Overnight Travel for ASB Leadership students to participate in an ASB Officer Retreat at Ramblewood in Sequim Bay State Park on Thursday, June 9th, and to participate in an ASB Leadership Retreat on Wednesday, August 24th in the Sequim High School library and gym, as presented.  Director Stoffer seconded.  Discussion followed.  Vote taken; motion carried.

d.   Director Howe moved to approve Overnight and Out-of-State Travel for a CTE student to compete in the Skills USA National Competition for Electrical Wiring on June 19-25 in Louisville, Kentucky as presented.  Director Henrikson seconded.  Discussion followed.  Vote taken; motion carried.

e.   Director Howe moved to approve Resolution 04-2015/2016 Delegation of Authority to WIAA as presented.  Director Stoffer seconded.  Discussion followed.  By action of the 1976 Legislature, each School District Board of Directors may delegate control, supervision, and regulation of any extracurricular activity to the WIAA and compensate such entity for services provided.  The School Board must approve the District’s or School’s membership in the Association and as members, these schools will follow the WIAA Rules and Regulations.  Vote taken; motion carried.

f.    Director Henrikson moved to approve at First Reading Policy #3432 – Emergencies.  Director Short seconded.  Discussion followed.  The policy has been updated to reflect the changes required by the 2013 Legislature. Engrossed Senate Bill 5620 which updated the emergency drill requirements for schools beginning with the 2013–2014 school year.  The new annual drill requirements are as follows:

•   Three fire evacuation drills.

•   Three lockdown drills.

•   One shelter-in-place drill.

•    One additional safety-related drill to be determined by the school.

Schools are still required to conduct no less than one safety drill per month that school is in session, to annually document the date and time of each drill and to file a report with the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC).  Classified Essential.  Vote taken; motion carried.

g.   Director Henrikson moved to approve at First Reading Policy #3141 – Nonresident Students.  Director Short seconded.  Discussion followed.  WSSDA has updated Policy #3141, Nonresident Students, to align more closely with RCW 28A.225.225, the statute controlling applications for enrollment from nonresident students, students receiving home-based instruction and children of school employees.  Classified Essential.  Vote taken; motion carried.

h.   Dr. Ann Renker, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning, introduced Policy #2421 – Promotion/Retention.  Content from the current policy was moved into the procedure.  Reference to NEW Policy #2107 – Comprehensive Early Literacy Plan was added and the Management Resource updated.  Classified Discretionary.  Discussion followed.  This policy will be up for First Reading at the May 16, 2016 Board Meeting         


a.   Steve Mahitka, Career and Technical Education Department Chair gave an update on the current Middle School and High School Career and Technical Education Programs offered, and improvements that they hope to implement next year.  Discussion followed.  

b.   Assistant Superintendent’s Dr. Ann Renker reported that the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment exams have been launched district-wide.  There will be a chance for students and staff to debrief and offer feedback and suggestions for next year.  Discussion followed.

c.   Greywolf Elementary was presented the Washington Achievement Award as a School of Distinction for the third year in a row, due to consistent improvement in student test scores.  Discussion followed.

d.   Dr. Renker announced that the district has been successful in being awarded a grant to implement a 3-year Life Skills Curriculum at Sequim Middle School.  Discussion followed.

e.   Dr. Renker has been appointed to serve on the Every Student Succeeds Act state guidance committee.  We are fortunate to be able to have a voice in this endeavor.

f.    The Sequim Boys and Girls Club was successful in their application to be a 21st Century Learning Center, partnering with the school district to offer wrap-around services, enhancing behavioral and academic progress for our students.  Discussion followed.


President Horan drew board members’ attention to:

a.   Upcoming Board Meetings, etc.

    • May 12 – 7:00am Meet w/ High School Leadership Class
    • May 16 – 5:30pm Board Workshop, 6:30 Regular Board Meeting
    • June 6 – 5:30pm Board Workshop, 6:30 Regular Board Meeting

b.   Teacher Appreciation Week May 2 through May 6, 2016

c.   June 13 -- Retirement Party for District Retirees, 4:00pm in the High School Library

d.   Graduation Activities

    • June 1 ~ Scholarship Award Night – 6pm in the Auditorium
    • June 5 ~ Baccalaureate – 5:30pm Dungeness Community Church
    • June 10 ~ Graduation Rehearsal – 9am in the stadium
    • June 10 ~ Graduation! -- 6pm in the stadium  (Reserved seating for the board)

e.   Budget Status Reports for February and March 2016


  • President Horan will not be at the next meeting as she will be travelling to Connecticut to attend the graduation of former student Andrea Tjemsland, from Yale University.  Discussion followed.
  • On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, President Horan extended thanks and appreciation to our teachers, today and every day, for the outstanding work that they do.
  • President Horan extended her appreciation to the board for their patience and hard work while building professionalism in their role as school board directors.


At 8:28pm Vice-President Henrikson moved to adjourn the Regular Meeting.  Director Stoffer seconded.  Vote taken; motion carried.

Last Modified on May 6, 2016
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